Friday, August 29, 2014

concealed weapon fire arms safety


concealed weapons miami license2carry class miamiStoring firearms safely and securely at home is paramount. Firearms are mischievous mechanical devices that require full adult supervision. Firearms love to roam and fall into strange hands who don't know how to handle them properly. This is the reason firearms must be kept in a safe and secure manner. Think of a firearm as your pet Black Mamba, only you and a handful of people know to truly handle the snake in a safe and proper manner. If someone one other than yourself or someone from that handful of people who truly knew what they were doing we're to handle the snake, what's the likelihood something would go wrong very quickly? 

Firearms should be stored unloaded in a proper and secure safe. If a proper and secure safe isn't a license2carry 

viable option, properly securing firearms safely in other ways is still fully possible. Cable locks, trigger locks, lockable cases and even a simple padlock through the frame of a revolver turns it completely inoperable. There's many ways of securing firearms in a safe manner, there is absolutely no validated excuse not to do so.

Ammunition should also be safely secured in a different location, away from all safely secured firearms. Yes, ammunition is just as mischievous as firearms and requires adult supervision just as much as unloaded firearms. Ammunition that is safely maintained in a separate location simply cannot magically, grow legs and make it into a firearm. license2carry 

However, firearms can be maintained in a loaded and charged condition, only if the firearm is secured in a holster and on your person where you're in direct control of the firearm. Direct firearm supervision that is under your direct control keeps firearms well behaved. This is equivalent to keeping a viscous dog on a very short leash. license2carry 

Firearms can also be maintained in a loaded and charged condition, if the firearm is again, under your direct control such as in a safe where only you have direct access to the firearm. This is the equivalent of keeping your Pet Black Mamba in a secure container that only you have direct control and access to opening and handling the snake. license2carry 

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