Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Firearm training differs greatly depending on who you ask. Everyone has a preferred teaching method and that's perfectly acceptable, there more than one way to accomplish a goal. However, always ask yourself, "will this work for me in a real world scenario?" If it takes too much effort to employ what you've learned, then no, it's not going to work for you.

Personally, what I teach, I can substantiate by providing several real working examples that my students can closely relate to. If my students can easily and consistently replicate what they've been taught, I've done my job correctly. However, if my students were to find any training technique to be non-intuative and difficult to employ in a non-critical situation, then what I've taught them wouldn't really work in a real world situation where fine motor skills fly out the window.

My job is to break down the elements of an action in such a way that it's easily comprehendible and consistently employed in an intuitive manner.

I train often and attend industry seminars to keep up on industry standards to make sure I can provide all my students the very best firearm training curriculum offered.

George Caro, Firearms Instructor

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