Friday, September 5, 2014

Concealed weapons class and tactical training...

Concealed weapons class and tactical training...

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Nowadays, life is unfortunately rough. Bad things happen when and where we least expect them to happen. Criminals are opportunistic and strike when our defenses are down. By closely whatching what's going on around us, we can typically avoid confrontations and other trouble. However, sometimes trouble targets us and these are the unexpected moments we need to be prepared for. 

Carrying a firearm isn't by any means any guarantee whatsoever to remaining safe. Carrying a firearm is the only the means to a last resort, a last ditch effort to stay alive in a critical incident.

Critical incidents happen quickly and without warning, how can we prepare ourselves for such an incident? Practice, practice and more practice. Repetition builds muscle memory, it takes about 1000 repetiotions to build muscle memory. Practice slow, slow is smooth and smooth is fast. Practice the right way, don't go by what someone said is correct, ask them to substantiate what they've said and proove to you that it works. If they can, then that's what to practice because it's been proven to work and is easy to employ under stress where fine motor skills fly out the window.

God forbid the day comes you feel you're life's in such imminent danger that you feel you need ot draw, aim and press the trigger to stay alive. Sould it one day come, be prepared to remain alive and solve the problem expediciously and effectively.

In closing, a firearm isn't the answer, it isn't the solution, its only a last resort to remain alive. Learn to use the tool you've selected to defend yourself with in an effective manner.

Train, train hard and often but most of all, train safe.

George Caro, Firearms Instructor
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